Tallit For Men

Tallit for Men & Bar Mitzvah’s

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Tallit for Men. Choose from a beautiful selection of Tallits for Men for all ocassions. Wedding Tallits , Bar Mitzvah Tallits and Boys Tallits. Shop the very best tallits online here. Custom tallit can be designed with embroidery of a name or bible phrase (torah pasuk) across the lower mid or upper back, in front of the tallit or on the bag. We’ve made some very spectacular tallits.

Men wear a tallit every time they pray in synagogue or at home. The first time boys begin to wear a tallit is at their Bar Mitzvah for Sephardic Jews and when married for Ashkenazic Jewry. It is a positive commandment to wear a 4 cornered garment with tzizit specially tied with the intention of fulfilling the commandment. The pasuk in Devarim is recited in the shema daily which reads men shall dawn a 4 cornered garment with Ptil Techelet (Blue Chilazon thread)  and you shall see it and remember all the commandments I have given you and shall fulfill them. And (by means of wearing a tallit) you shall not wander after your desires and your eyes of which you lust to do – and you shall be holy unto God.  So a Men’s tallit is a requirement for all men to wear and be protected from lusts of the eyes.

Here at Tallit.com we specially tie Ptil Techelet available on almost all our tallits. For centuries the Ptil Techelet had been no longer worn for having lost the identity of the Hilazon (snail) to produce the dye. In the last two decades it has resurfaced based on extensive research and now available for those who request it.