Tallit for Women & Bat Mitzvah Tallit

Tallit for Women

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Shop a tallit for women in our woman’s tallit department offering the most complete selection of women’s tallits to choose from under the sun at our price guarantee. We carry women’s tallits in all colors and materials and delivered with our guarantee for service and quality.

Today, some of our women’s most popular tallits are made of Silk, Organza and Sheer materials. These feminine tallits are 100% kosher with four tzitzit tied in the traditional orthodox manner at the four corners of the tallit shawl. All our tallits are made in Israel and distributed to you our customer in the most efficient way usually from our USA distribution office.

Wearing a Tallit for women is a popular norm today and begins with the Bat Mitzvah girl’s tallit and proudly worn by women in conservative , reform and modern orthodox communities. Our selection of tallit for women is simply spectacular.

Organza Sheer & Feminine Prayer Shawls

Women’s organza and sheer tallits are specially feminine and a choice by women since it’s transparency accentuates the attire worn below. Beautiful Gold Leaf tallit and Silver Lead Tallits in organza are soft colors that fit with all attires.

A Popular choice of tallit for women are Pink Tallits and Purple tallits. These feminine colors are a natural fit for women’s fashionable apparel in tallit wear. Material used for these tallits can be silk and viscose with Pink or purple silk panels. Lovely stylish and fashionable Women’s tallits that will lift your spirit in prayer and inspiration. Buy your woman’s tallit here for your Bat Mitzvah weather you’re celebrating it at 12 or 82. Shop online with our guarantee for quality and timely delivery. Our customers are often more impressed in receiving their tallit exceeding their expectations.

Here at tallit.com we send a free hard plastic case with most all our women’s tallit sets. Free of charge our plastic case is a valuable protective encasing for your new tallit set! That’s right we’ll send your tallit as a full set with matching Bag and Kippah and a lovely protective plastic tallit case free of charge ! Shop online now to purchase your beautiful tallit at the only source of tallits online with a guarantee and professionalism for over 14 years online.